26 paź 2018


Dzisiaj w poście możecie dowiedzieć się sporo na temat strony internetowej Rosegal oraz promocjach, jakie ma wam do zaoferowania. W artykule dowiecie się wszystkiego na ten temat. Dlatego też zachęcam do zapoznania się z treścią, jaką przygotowaliśmy wspólnie z firmą Rosegal.

As time goes by, the Black Friday and New year will come! Maybe you have some New Year desires. You may want to be different from yourself. Such as buying a dress, reading a book, changing a pair of shoes or wearing a new bag. These little details can make you have some changes. How to greet a new yourself?

Rosegalhas introduced scary ways for you to save on outfits it. Follow us to see some of the shopping malls of the New Member Exclusive discount. You can choose the most affordable clothing. Easily change yourself.Enjoy 50% OFF and LUCKY DRAW get Coupon (Up to $20) , Shopping Now!

Coupon Madness with Rosegal

To help you and your wallet this New Member Exclusive, Rosegal use the prize wheel way to get concessions.

  • $4 off purchases $29 and more
  • $7 off purchases $49 and more
  • $9 off purchases $59 and more
  • $12 off purchases $89 and more
  • $16 off purchases $99 and more
  • $20 off purchases $119 and more
  • $35 off purchases $199 and more

This special is limited to the new registered users, so avoid disappointment by knew the rules.Rosegal takes the cost out of New Member Exclusive so that you can simply focus on the fun.

New Member Exclusive details as below:
1. Each new account has 2 chances.
2. New Member Exclusive Coupons:
a. The coupons are exclusive for newly registered members.
b. Each account can only claim up to 3 coupons: Once registered successfully, 15% off coupon automatically issued to your account.
Play LUCKY DRAW get more coupons with only 2 chances for each new account. All coupons are sent to your account.
c. The coupons only valid for 10 days. Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional, discount, or coupon code.
d. For those who use illegal means to get coupons for multiple times, Rosegal remains the right to declare the coupons as invalid.
3. New Users' Price
New users' price only is used to certain BEST PRICE ONLY FOR YOU products. Only those who never purchased product(s) on Rosegal before (including PC, M & APP) can enjoy the offer.

An Use Range

Rosegal is proud to present a variety-fileed range that boasts all kinds of costumes to suit the needs of any type of client. From Plus Size, Women and Men clothing, Home, Shoes&Bags, we cater to all who seek a costume.

The Event Time

The New Member Exclusive Event from Oct. 20th - Oct. 26th in 2018. Time is limited, don't miss it!

Lightning-Fast Delivery

Rosegal has recently upgraded its logistics system, making our delivery serviceone that is based on your convenience. We deliver to your home within a week, leaving you without all the hassle of leaving your front door.

Remember: 50% off and LUCKY DRAWcoupons are limited to the new registered users. To avoid disappointment, visit http://www.rosegal.com/?lkid=14637015 to start your New Member Exclusive the right way. With our friendly staff who delight to serve our clients. A dress can change your style, starting with Rosegal. 

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  1. Ostatnio bardzo polubiłam ten sklep-mają bardzo ładne rzeczy ☺
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  2. Bardzo lubię Rosegal, bo mają bogaty asortyment- jest w czym wybierać. ;)

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  8. Ostatnio widziałam ofertę sklepu, część nawet ciekawa :)

  9. Bardzo lubię tą stronę
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